Shiners (fasteners that miss the roof structure/trusses during installation)

This topic covers section 3 of the wind mitigation form. It covers questions about Roof Deck Attachment methods, Florida Building Code, South Florida Building Code, and previous model building codes that were in force at the time of construction when it comes to roof deck attachment installation methods and types. All questions and answers provided in this section are geared towards helping inspectors and home owners better understand the use and completion of the form.
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Shiners (fasteners that miss the roof structure/trusses during installation)

Postby Robert R Sheppard » March 10th, 2017, 2:08 pm

The following pictures were provided by an Inspector out of Brevard County, Florida. The pictures show an existing structure (constructed prior to the Florida Building Code) with fasteners for the roof sheathing exposed at the underside roof deck that have missed the roof structure during installation. Or as they are more commonly referred to: Shiners




The roof covering on the home was recently replaced which triggered the re-nailing requirements of the Florida Building Code for existing homes that do not meet certain protocols for uplift resistance. The roof deck obviously required re-nailing, the issue is that a majority of the fasteners in the pictures provided missed the roof structure.

So why is this an issue?

It is required by local ordinance, and the Florida Building Code, that missed fasteners installed at the roof deck must be removed and not left in place: ... E_S22-47AD

3. Sheathing inspection: To be made either as part of a dry-in inspection or done separately at the request of the contractor after all roof and wall sheathing and fasteners are complete and shall at a minimum include the following building components:
• roof sheathing
• wall sheathing
• sheathing fasteners
• roof/wall/dry-in
NOTE: Sheathing fasteners installed and found to be missing the structural member (shiners) shall be removed and properly reinstalled prior to installation of the dry-in material.

Many inspectors are using pictures of missed fasteners to determine roof deck attachment type (common nails/ring-shank nails/staples, etc.) instead of reporting them for what they are, both a building code and local ordinance violation. Missed fasteners only confirm one thing, that the roof deck is not secured properly…..nothing more, nothing less.

The following is taken directly from the 2014 Florida Building Code (underlining is the authors’):

R803.2.3.1 Sheathing fastenings.
Wood structural panel sheathing shall be fastened to roof framing with 8d annular ring-shank nails at 6 inches (152 mm) on center at edges and 6 inches (152 mm) on center at intermediate framing.

All fasteners are required to be “fastened to roof framing”, not hanging in the air. Wind mitigation forms that show shiners as verification that the roof deck is properly secured are doing nothing more than verifying that it is in fact not secured correctly or adequately.

Back to the pictures.

The inspector in this case should notify the home owner that their roof sheathing is not properly secured and needs immediate repairs. Should a wind mitigation form be completed, the Roof Deck Attachment section would need to indicate that this issue exists and that repairs need to be made in an immediate fashion.
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