Florida Building Commission: Secandary Water Barriers

This topic covers section 6 of the wind mitigation form. It covers questions about Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) for structures built in compliance with the Florida Building Code, South Florida Building Code, and previous model building codes that were in force at the time of construction. It covers approved and non-approved methods of providing secondary water resistance barriers for site built, single-family homes. All questions and answers provided in this section are geared towards helping inspectors and home owners better understand the use and completion of the form.
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Florida Building Commission: Secandary Water Barriers

Postby Robert R Sheppard » December 24th, 2016, 9:02 am


RE: “Secondary Water Barrier” – Additional Options pursuant to the intent of HB 7057

The goal of this document is to assist in creating a level playing field for products that meet the intent of HB 7057 and to provide a clearer understanding of available products that have passed, or can pass the requirements of the following testing criteria options. These tests are based upon current testing criteria, and are presently used by manufactures of roofing products.

In addition a “Secondary Water Barrier” it would appear, based upon the intent of HB 7057, should be required to meet a level of wind resistance and where applicable, nail sealibilty. Most of the products listed below have passed all, or the majority of all of the tests listed. The majority that have not tested to one or two of these requirements will pass once tested.

A number of the products currently approved by FBC have been tested to minimum standards and would be successful once tested to one of the more complete testing criteria options listed. The testing criteria options listed are a combination of currently available testing criteria from (ASTM, ICC-ES, and Miami/Dade) and provide for a “Secondary Water Barrier” that out performs the criteria of any individual standard. Hopefully this will assist the FRSA and Florida Building Commission with the unique opportunity to assess and adopt a standard for a “Secondary Water Barrier System(s)”.

These additional options are not intended to preclude products or systems that meet and or exceed the testing criteria listed. They are intended to promote the development of technologies and products that provide increased safety and protection for property owners and the reduction in damage to homes and structures, reduce losses, and accomplish the intent of HB7057.

Requirements of a Secondary Water Barrier:

A water resistant /roof underlayment layer or product that is fastened to the surface of the substrate to which the primary roof covering is affixed that will resist water intrusion through seams in the plywood or other deck covering.

Definition of a Secondary Water Barrier:

A water resistant /roof underlayment layer or product that provides protection to the structure to which it is affixed in the event the primary roof covering is damaged, removed, or penetrated by wind driven rain as the result of hurricane force winds.

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